Case studies and take-home assignments — a how-to!

I’ve completed a number of PM case studies, and reviewed even more. I’ve seen some excellent presentations from PM candidates and I’ve witnessed some clangers. There are many variations of PM case studies, and most will straddle some combination of the following, but for brevity I’ll generalize case studies into a few broad categories:

  1. Create a business plan/propose a new product

These are my top tips for creating a clear, strong PM case study…

I’m currently pursuing an Executive MBA through the Quantic School of Business and Technology (formerly Smartly Institute). When I was researching Quantic, there were some blog posts written by former students, but being a fairly new and unique program there isn’t a ton online yet about Quantic. I also observed dialogue around the program from folks who hadn’t done it on forums such as Reddit and I wanted to correct some misconceptions I’ve seen. Now that I’m in the final stretch of the program (working on my capstone project and graduating in a few short months!), …

This is one we’ve all heard time and again — the idea of a PM being the “CEO of their product” is, in my humble opinion (and much of the internet’s), the most common misconception around product management. It originated in a good place — in Ben Horowitz’s Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager. However, as Horowitz himself notes in a disclaimer, that article was written years ago and while there is a lot that is good and relevant in the piece and it’s well worth reading, the “CEO” idea has spun out of control.

The comparison was intended as a…

Hi there! I’m Nina, and this is yet another blog about product management. There’s no shortage of resources out there around PM, but I have found while mentoring folks looking to get started in product that the same questions come up again and again. I’ll be sharing my perspective on top of mind product-y things in straightforward, no-nonsense language in my own cozy corner of the internet.

With my tiny human in southern Utah

I am currently a Senior Product Manager at Zendesk working on platform business logic and automation. I previously worked in Trust and Safety at Facebook improving investigative and review tools, at a travel…

Nina Olding

Senior PM @ Zendesk

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